Varicose veins often sneak up on our patients. They commonly leave the appointment where they receive their diagnosis, thinking, “How did this suddenly happen?”. The hard truth: it has been a work in progress. NHS Inform explains that 3 in 10 adults experience varicose veins. From the job you work to the amount you exercise, your daily habits create future health issues. 

From jobs that keep you on your feet all day long, to desk jobs that require lots of computer work, there is a risk for varicose veins. Careers in Beauty, Restaurants, Retail, Hospitality, Construction, Agriculture, and the Medical field

can be physically demanding. Standing all day can increase the likelihood of inflammation in lower extremities, which leads to Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Women can be at higher risk for this condition because of high heels and the occasional pregnancy. For women, just choosing a more comfortable shoe can aid their circulatory system to good health.  

On the other hand, sitting down at a desk for an office position or a career in transportation can also increase the likelihood of varicose veins because circulation is cut off at the knee for prolonged amounts of time. In these positions, taking a walk on your break can make worlds of a difference for the health of your circulatory system. Many jobs could put you at risk for varicose veins, active and inactive. So, remember to look out for the telltale signs of this condition. 

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