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Central Valley Vein and Wound Center Raises Awareness for Amputation Prevention Month

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

In recognition of April’s Limb Loss Awareness Month #LLAW, Central Valley Vein and Wound Center of Visalia and Selma, the California central valley's wound healing experts, aim to raise awareness of early intervention and specialized care for those with chronic wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers.

Over half of all amputations are due to vascular conditions, including peripheral artery disease (PAD) and diabetes. These conditions and diseases may impair blood flow in your limbs, which can cause gangrene, non-healing foot ulcers and infected ulcers, and may result in the need for an amputation.

"One of our main focuses is on wound care and amputation prevention. Amputations are a big problem in the valley and foot amputations always almost start in the foot" states Leo Fong, M.D.

Causes of Amputation

There are two types of amputation: traumatic and non-traumatic amputation. The need for a non-traumatic amputation occurs most frequently in patients with advanced vascular disease, diabetes, infections, or certain cancers.

Are You At Risk

Conditions that result from diabetes or untreated PAD, such as a non-healing foot ulcer or an infected foot ulcer significantly increase the risk of needing an amputation. You are at risk for amputation if the affected limb has a deep ulcer or noticeable swelling around the ulcer in the area between your foot and ankle. 

Ward Off Amputation

Early recognition and prompt treatment are crucial for preventing amputation related to #PAD. It is critical to see a #vascularspecialist as soon as you recognize signs of a non-healing wound. The vascular specialists at Central Valley Vein and Wound Center will discuss treatment options, to restore blood circulation and avert an amputation.

Schedule an appointment with our team of vascular specialists, call (559) 721-4910

Offices- Clovis, Visalia, Selma, Fesno, Hanford

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