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What Causes Wounds To Stick Around?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

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WHAM - What causes wounds to stick around?

Millions of people around America suffer from chronic wounds. Sadly, these wounds often go undiagnosed for many weeks. Many patients are unaware of the severity of their condition before arrival at the doctor’s office and are shocked at the results of their exam. Wound Healing Awareness Month is here to educate about wound care, and today we are going to be explaining the big reasons that wounds are stunted from healing.

  1. Diet: Protein is the most significant strength when it comes to healing a wound, and it mainly protects against infection. Wound patients with reduced nutrient intake often experience slowed healing, which leads to their condition becoming chronic.

  2. Pressure: Diabetics can more easily develop a condition called neuropathy, or a painful swelling in the lower legs that can lead to sores and ulcers. This pressure prevents circulation and increases the likelihood of these sores, becoming non-healing wounds.

  3. Poor Circulation: Much like the pressure that inhibits the bodies of people with diabetes from healing their ulcers, poor circulation can hinder wound healing.

  4. Edema, Excessive Edema, or Swelling: These conditions bring pressure by filling the surrounding tissue of the wound with fluid, which blocks circulation. In this condition, the injury is unable to heal due to a lack of oxygen.

  5. Infection: Bacterium is the main culprit of the complete inability to heal a wound. Infections are usually accompanied by a fever, yellow/green fluid around the injury, and increased sensitivity to the outside of the lesion.

Keep an eye out for these symptoms, and if one or more occur, call Central Valley Vein and Wound Center and schedule an appointment to check out your condition. Remember to make your health a priority and stay safe today!

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