What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy: The Spider Vein Procedure

Patients who experience Chronic Venous Insufficiency often remedy their cases with a procedure called Sclerotherapy. This is a medical procedure where a doctor will inject a medicine into your veins through a thin needle, reducing inflammation and improving blood circulation throughout the body. After just one injection, most patients see a major improvement in spider veins. According to the Center for Vein Restoration, only 10% of patients report similar, continued conditions. With this data, we find that Sclerotherapy is a tremendously effective procedure. 

So, walk me through it! 

The procedure usually lasts about 30 minutes, including preparation measures. The patient is awake while the injection is happening. Some patients say that the feeling is comparable to a leg cramp for about a minute or so. After, the patient can walk out of the appointment. Some patients temporarily experience bruising, skin sores, skin discolorations, cramps, aching, swelling, or burning. Soon after, the inflammation of the veins should subside. If the veins' appearance does not approve enough to your liking, you may need to schedule more appointments. Most treated varicose veins do not come back. According to Mayo Clinic, Sclerotherapy's success rate is about 60-80% in completely eliminating issues with injected veins. 

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